Busy Weekend – Adventures

So, last week, I went on a little vacation…..to Costa Rica (I’ll post about that trip in a couple days or so). I always tend to fill time before and after a planned trip with way too many things. No different this time! The week leading up to the trip, I had several appointments and lots to do to tie up loose ends in just about all aspects of my life. Then, instead of being able to crash and unwind the weekend after, I found myself busier than usual….or at least as busy as usual! Here’s how my weekend went:


  • Flight got in to Buffalo about 1:15 am or so.
  • Got home, unloaded the car, did a little puttering to unwind, got into bed about 3:00 am.


  • Woke up at 8:00 am.
  • Unpacked and threw my dirty clothes in the washer.
  • Went to pick up my dog from her own vacation time.
  • Did my usual prep work at church for our Sunday worship service.
  • Got home and finished up my laundry.
  • Showered and changed.
  • Got on a bus that took our local Busy Buddies group to Cheektowaga for a dinner theater event I had purchased a ticket for long before I knew I was going to be away.
  • Got home about 11:00 and in bed about midnight.
Dinner Theater Review: The dinner theater was at Desiderio’s / Bobby J’s in Cheektowaga, NY. A wonderful comedy by Neil Simon called “God’s Favorite” based loosely on the story of Job in the Bible. Everyone really enjoyed the play very much. Of course – I never saw anything by Neil Simon that was anything less than awesome – LOVE Neil Simon!!! The story was told in a humorous way that was very entertaining and the local actors were incredible! Of course, being a Dinner Theater, there was also food involved. The choices were Italian style Haddock with risotto and vegetable (asparagus), Chicken Marsala with pasta and vegetable (asparagus), or Wild Mushroom Ravioli with meatball. I chose the Chicken Marsala and it was absolutely delicious!!! I don’t eat mushrooms and it had a lot on top, but I easily pushed them aside and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the dish…..ate every bite of it!!! The people at my table that chose the fish were just as happy with their meal – said it was delicious. I didn’t see or talk to anyone who ordered the ravioli, so can’t speak to that. It was a great evening with wonderful conversations, great food, and fun entertainment.


  • Got up at 7:00 am, got ready, and went to church.
  • After church I went to a local Farm Market Hop with a friend. We paid $10 for a basket at the first of six farm markets. At each market, we got our basket stamped and picked up whatever each market was offering to the “hoppers”. We got some amazing local veggies from the hop and also purchased other things while at most of the stops.
  • By 12:30, we had been to five of the six markets. We took a break to attend a Celebration of Life of a friend who passed away in February. He made major efforts to acquire and restore an original cobblestone school house that now belongs to the Historical Society, as well as a log cabin that was moved to the site. He made many other contributions to the community and to preserve our history, but I mention the school because it is where they held his celebration of life with a plaque dedicating the school house to him.
  • After that, we went to the last of the six markets, put our tags with six stamps in the drawing for the gift basket (they haven’t announced the winner, yet — keep your fingers crossed for me or my friend to win….hehehe).
  • We stopped for a late lunch and drove out to the Rez to fill up my gas tank.
  • Came home, let Megan out to take care of business, gave her some dinner, and lugged all the fresh produce I acquired throughout the day into the house.
  • Drove to Batavia to see my nephew, his kids, and my niece and her family — it was my niece’s birthday and I got some trinkets for the kids when I was in Costa Rica.
  • Came home, had some fruit for supper, watched a little TV and was in bed and snoring by about 9:30 pm!
  • (scroll down to see some photos from Sunday)


  • Got up about 6:30 am and spent a large portion of the day at church getting some work done and out running errands.

I think I can now settle down and start to recover from my vacation……or maybe I need to go away, again, to rest up! hahaha

Photos I took on Sunday:

Pig and Cow at Partyka’s Farm Market

Cute little dinosaur at Brightly’s Farm Market

Interesting potatoes at Kirby’s Farm Market

Plaques on the Cobblestone School House on Gaines Basin Road

Yeti at Robert’s Farm Market

Me with my new friend…….

All the awesome local produce I either got from the Farm Market Hop or purchased along the way!

This is the third year our local markets hosted the Farm Market Hop event and the third year my friend and I did the hop……what fun…..and so wonderful to have all this awesome local produce!

That’s all for now……until I can write my Costa Rica Adventure post and I have another adventure to write about!!!

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