Beautiful Day for A Plane Ride

My friend Ron flew his plane up from NC for a visit this week. So, you know I had to find a day that worked for us to take a little ride around the area. That day was this morning – early! We decided to fly to Letchworth and see if we could get some good photos. They didn’t come out as good as I had hoped — several factors made the angles bad for nice shots of the three waterfalls – I got them all – sorta – but not very well. But, it was a fabulous morning and we had a great time…….the views were amazing, even if I wasn’t able to capture them on camera as awesome as they looked in person!

I have to admit, though……given the way the river snakes through the gorge and the wooded areas around it, I really think Letchworth is best enjoyed on the ground and not from the air – you can really see the enormity of it and the splendor and hear the river and the waterfalls and really appreciate it so much more down on the ground! That said, it was still pretty cool and we were so glad we did this flight this morning!

We also flew around the wind farms near there, saw Silver Lake, and got some shots of Darien Lake. So, here is what I go – reminder – the colors in the photos will depend greatly on the sun, glare, and other factors when photographing through the door window of the plane…..also, some are zoomed in and some are true distance – we didn’t really get as close/low as some photos imply:

Our shadow in the farmer’s field as we took off from Frenchy’s runway…..

The Erie Canal along Eagle Harbor-Albion Road at the gates with the prison in the background

Albion Tops…..not many shoppers at that hour of the morning! hehehe

The beautiful rich and fertile black muck land between Barre and Elba

And the gorgeous farm land that is so prominent in our area – Thank the Good Lord for Farmers!

Approaching Letchworth at Mount Morris

The Dam

Lower Falls……this was the only one of the three that I could actually get a shot of, but not a very good one! boo hoo…….however…….I’ve been to Letchworth several times since I moved back home and haven’t been able to find the lower falls – not sure why, but I just haven’t……NOW I can say I’ve seen the lower falls! hahaha

You may just have to take my word for it, but that is the Middle Falls and the Glen Iris Inn – honest!!!

The new railroad trestle and the Upper Falls just a little to the right of it in the photo

The Upper Falls……or the top edge of them!

Silver Lake – I went to two week summer camp there through our church when I was a little girl

The next several photos are of the wind farms near Letchworth – I love seeing the wind farms!

Six Flags – Darien Lake Theme Park…….looks kinda tiny from the air, huh?

And, this is the Alabama Swamp……

That’s it…..we flew back to land at Frenchy’s and the adventure was over! Hope you enjoyed going along with us!

4 Comments on “Beautiful Day for A Plane Ride

  1. Hi Kim, This was so much fun; thanks for taking us along! Janette

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