April Daily Photos – Next Group

We had a little bit of excitement this week…….a new baby joined our family – my niece had her first child – a girl……..we had a nasty return of winter in the form of a ton of wet, heavy snow that destroyed my beautiful Bradford Pear Tree – I’m heart broken…….and I got to go see an in-person live show at our local Cabaret!

First – let me share with you the demise of my beloved tree:

Taken the day before the snow hit……it was in full bloom and stunning at dawn on Tuesday!

Then, this is what I woke up to on Wednesday morning – April 21st!

And, later in the day, I came home to find half of it broken off and laying on the ground!!!

A total loss……destroyed…….my heart is broken!!!

But……I will replace it……thinking maybe replacing it with an Ivory Silk Lilac Tree……maybe…..still thinking!

And, now…..on with this batch of Daily Photos:







I didn’t miss the one for “Kiss”…..it is of my niece kissing my brand new great niece and I won’t put that on this public site!

Catch ya next time!

3 Comments on “April Daily Photos – Next Group

      • It was the first tree I planted when I bought this place almost 10 years ago! So sad to see it go. But…..I’ve been wanting an Ivory Silk Lilac Tree for a while, but wasn’t sure where I’d put it……just might be fate!!! hahaha

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