*** WOO HOO ***

My Blog just reached 100,000+ visitors (just since it has been on WordPress – it was on Blogger before that, but those visitors are not included in this #)!!!

In the grand scheme of BLOGs, that may sound really low – especially since it has just recently turned 12 YEARS OLD!!! BUT…….it is a small personal blog that is only advertised when I post a link on Facebook (and more recently since I’ve been linking posts to my travel articles on The Orleans Hub once or twice a month)……it was only just for my own personal enjoyment for a long time!

Sooooooo – this is very exciting and really something special for me!!!


THANK YOU to everyone who has visited and enjoyed my ramblings and photos I’ve posted over the years!!!

4 Comments on “WOO HOO!!!

  1. Yay! We’re on the same boat! For personal bloggers like us, this is a milestone! Like you, my blog only gets exposure when I post them on Facebook. Even then, not so many Fb friends would care to check it out, they’re busy posting about other stuff. Haha. So yeah! Congratulations and more posts to come!

    • Thank you so much! My blog has evolved so much over the years and I enjoy it so much….but, it is still super nice to know others are enjoying it, too!

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