September Daily Photo Challenge – Part One

Here we go…….last month of the third quarter of 2020……let’s hope things start getting back to some form of normal! 🙂

To start off, here are a couple “funnies” to give you a chuckle before we get into my Daily Photos:

Oh, No!!! Not Aunt Clara!!! Call Dr. Bombay……right away!!! That’ll fix things!!! 🙂

As much as I hate wearing masks, I do pride myself with having a nice mask collection to match just about anything in my wardrobe and to be appropriate for just about anywhere I need to go!!! 🙂

So, now, on with the show……


I always feel super duper when I get to see one of our lift bridges up for a passing boat!



Some of my fave shots on the wall…..




I had to sit by myself in church this week – my friend who usually sits with me was out of town!


ooppss – some beverages leave rings!!!


I got a couple new “hippy” flags to add some color and spice to my home

HOME – 2

Keep our students and teachers in your prayers as they head back to school…….see you next week, if not before!!!

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