July Daily Photos – Chapter Three

I want to start off this post with yesterday’s “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” moment! I was sitting at my desk in my den, which looks out at my front lawn and has a perfect view of the Bird Buffet. I enjoy watching the birds….and, yes, even the squirrels…..enjoying the treats I put out for them. Well, yesterday, I looked out and couldn’t believe my eyes! The squirrels like to climb the shepherds hook and hang off the roof of the bird feeder “house” to eat the sunflower seeds – it’s comical to see their acrobatics as they fearlessly hang upside down for their treat. Then, there was yesterday…….one quite clever little bugger figured out how to get the top off the roof of the “house” so he can just sit there and stick his head inside to feast without any death-defying stunts! I could not believe what I was seeing! Now I have seen it all! Mind you, this is not as easy a task as it sounds — the lid can’t just be easily knocked off. When filling the feeder, I have to get my finger nails under the edge and rock it back and forth to get it to come loose – it fits that snugly! I put the lid back on later in the day…….and, then……this morning, he’s back and has removed it, again…..the smart little rascal remembered his accomplishment and did it again! But…..he has a buddy that isn’t as smart……his buddy climbed the shepherds hook and fought the smart one to earn the spot on the roof……but, instead of sticking his head inside the hole in the roof and reaping the benefits of his smart friend to do it the easy way, he did the balancing act to hang over the side to get his seeds from the tray……not too smart, huh???  LOL

So, now……on with my Daily Photos:



Not by me, but the birds seem to love them!






So, there you have it……another week in the history books…..see you next time!

2 Comments on “July Daily Photos – Chapter Three

    • Thank you! I kinda liked that one, myself! 🙂 So glad you visited my blog and hope you will stop in again!

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