May Daily Photos – The Next Set

Week Two of May……..The Finger Lakes Region of New York State will begin to participate in Phase One of our reopening plan tomorrow! I have mixed feelings about this —

I’m so happy to see our region has met the criteria to begin a slow phased approach to reopening……I’M READY….I really, really need to see that light at the end of the tunnel……I want to see things opening up soon!!! But, also want to be sure we remain cautious and diligent during the phases…….I hope people don’t go hog-wild and ignore the continued need for masks and social distancing when in public! I really don’t want to get a little taste of reopening and then have to shut it all back down because the virus spreads like wild fire! Praying the slow phased approach works and we can begin to feel safe, again!!! Really hoping this is the start of the end to this nightmare!!!
And, now……’s my second week of May Daily Photos:
……taking these babies out of the closet and on an adventure!!!
It’s all about balance
bubble, bubble, toil and trouble
Take out only, of course!
That’s all for now…….stay safe and healthy!

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