2019 Colorado Adventure – The Rest of the Story….

OK….so, here I am back at it……I think I can wrap up the last couple of adventures and miscellaneous photos from Colorado in one post and then move on to New Mexico!

One of our tour guides had recommended a cool place for dinner in downtown Colorado Springs, so I had to put it on my list one evening – it was definitely an experience – fun place and great food! It’s called The Rabbit Hole and it is a subterranean restaurant with an Alice in Wonderland theme!!! There were Alice themed paintings by local artists on the walls – I sat by the Mad Hatter! And….apparently, the story goes that it is underground because it used to be a morgue!!! Eeewww!!! I had the chicken dinner – fried chicken breast over veggie medley with a waffle biscuit and bacon gravy!!! YUM!!! But, I was stuffed before I got half way through it – I wasted more food on this trip because of large portions that I couldn’t finish!!! But, I’m just not used to eating so much! Another great choice and a great meal!

I walked up and down the street trying to find the place and finally went in another store to ask — they directed me to this structure on the sidewalk that looks like a subway entrance……that is the entrance to the restaurant!

This was in the parking lot about a block from the restaurant where I had to park.

I had checked off all the major things I wanted to do/see I had on my list, so I was looking for a day trip to see more of the state and saw that Pueblo was about an hour away. The folks at the cowboy tour place asked me where I’d been and what I’d planned while we were waiting for the others to arrive….I said I was going to Pueblo the next day – one guide said “that’s not something you hear often – what are you going to do there?” I said I didn’t know, but I’ll find out when I get there! LOL – she asked the others, what is there to do in Pueblo and they all just shrugged and shook their heads! But – they offered some alternative ideas….they said a really cool day trip would be to Cripple Creek and Victor – about the same distance as Pueblo in a different direction and also Canon City would be a good alternative, too, if I had time!! So, I decided to scrap Pueblo and check out Cripple Creek and Victor! 

The next morning, I got up and drove first to Monument for breakfast at Rosie’s Diner! It came up on a Google search and was rated high, so I went out of the way to have my breakfast here, before heading to Cripple Creek. Apparently, it is a chain of 50’s style diners that are often featured in movies and TV shows – the food was average, but I can’t resist 50’s themed diners and the experience didn’t disappoint!

The rest of the day was a mix of breathtaking views, quirky old mining towns, and extreme tension and frustration! But, the good made the bad worth it all! 😊 I started out with the OK breakfast and then headed out for about an hour drive to Cripple Creek and Victor to the south. The majority of the trip was on Rt 24, so it was paved and actually had guard rails! LOL A lot of it was a pass that snaked thru the mountain – it was simply breathtaking!!!! I wish I could have pulled over for photos! The rest of it was winding along the side of the mountain taking me up to about 9000 foot elevation and was just as stunning! I got to Cripple Creek and Victor and found two old mining towns – very cool, but nothing much, really, to do and the few things I had on my list I couldn’t find! So, I started to head back and I could NOT find my way back to the highway!!! My GPS kept trying to take me down unpaved roads that looked extremely undesirable, but every time it told me to turn it was down one of those roads or back to the other town – I literally drove the road between the two towns EIGHT times……I couldn’t get out of there…..I seriously felt like I was in the “Hotel California” – you can check out any time you like, but you can NEVER leave!!!! LOL I gave in and tried one of the dirt roads – BIG mistake – it took me down a steep incline with ruts and boulders and limited way to get around it all! The GPS said it was only a mile, so I sucked it up and kept going (did I say I was driving a rented Hyundai Santa Fe?). About 3/4 of a mile in, I came to a sign that said something to the effect of “NO Trespassing – DO NOT Enter” – I thought, “NOW you tell me this???” So, I had to maneuver my way to turn around – a three point turn on a VERY narrow, steep, rocky road (in a mini-van) and climb back up out of the road!!! I got to the top, finally allowed myself to breath, said a few choice sentences that would likely make a sailor blush, and unplugged my GPS and threw it on the passenger seat….then I just kept going in the direction I thought I should go and hoped for the best until I finally made it to a numbered county road and eventually found my way back to Rt 24……but, thru it all, I saw a lot of the countryside and great views and ranches and stuff! So, it all worked out…..but not without a few tears and a very stiff neck and painful hands and shoulders!!! All-in-all, tho, it was a very good day!!! 

This bad boy took a beating and kept on ticking!!! LOL

My last day in Colorado was quiet and relaxing! I attended the Sunday morning service at the Pike’s Peak United Methodist Church in Old Colorado City after breakfast. Then I took a 45 minute drive to Pueblo, CO just to see what was there – it is a city I’ve heard of and it was close, so……well, the tour guides who questioned why I wanted to go there were right – not much there – a nice little city with a River Walk District, so I walked along the Arkansas River for a little bit (I’ve now seen four state-named rivers that I can remember – Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Arkansas – if that is any big deal – LOL)! I also saw a nice little Vietnam Veterans Memorial! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos along the way, that day! Then, I drove back to Old Colorado City for my last dinner at the Mason Jar and drove thru Garden of the Gods one more time – just cause I could!!! 💜💜💜 I went back to the hotel and ran a load of laundry and got packed up for my morning flight to New Mexico!!! WOW – week in Colorado sure flew by!!! Here are a couple miscellaneous photos that didn’t quite fit in the other posts / stories:

I took this photo from the airplane not far from Denver Airport…..

I call it “Look Out!!! Pac Man is about to eat your house!!!” LOL

And, my parting shot is a sunset view from my hotel room window…….Colorado certainly is God’s Country!!!

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    • It was such a beautiful trip! Thanks for visiting my blog…..I hope you’ll come back again!

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