November Daily Photos – Part Two

Hi…..we got a solid taste of winter this past week with about a foot of wet, icy, heavy snow…..what a rude awakening and early view of what is to come! I also ended up spending a day in the ER with severe vertigo and the following day pretty much in bed sleeping the day away – that was a scary experience I don’t ever want to repeat! I also started a jigsaw puzzle – first one I’ve attempted in a few years! I picked what I thought would be an easy one to get back into the swing of doing them – a friend stopped by and we worked on it together and came close to finishing it in a couple hours……but, then we got to the point where every one of the remaining pieces were solid black or black with just a hint of shading and there are no uniquely shaped pieces! UGH!!! It still is on my dining room table and I sit and look at it every now and then and have found a couple pieces to fit in – thinking this one will be a while before I finish it!

BUT…..through it all, I continued on with the November Daily Photo Theme of “Colors”! Here is Part Two……enjoy!









Let’s hope next week goes a bit smoother…….

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