July Daily Posts – Part Four

July has come to an end……

Seriously……where is summer rushing off to and how can we stop it from being over in a blink of an eye? Before you know it, I’ll be posting photos with an autumn theme! UGH!!!

Anyway…….here are the last of my July Daily Photos with the theme “All About Me”……actually, I’m glad this month is over – but only from a Photo A Day Challenge perspective. I don’t like using archived photos – I like to keep to my goal of always taking the photo for each daily topic on the day it comes up – of course, occasionally, that isn’t possible, but I’m always most excited when I can go out and find just the right thing to photograph or stage to photograph for each particular day. With this month’s theme, it made that difficult because some of the prompts just weren’t possible to do that for……so, some were archived photos I used and that was fine and necessary…..and, I skipped a couple because I didn’t feel I wanted to share what the prompt wanted me to share, but now I’m glad to move on to a new theme that will be easier to stick to my goal! 🙂

As with the other July photos, the daily prompt will be accompanied by an explanation, where needed!


I received these pics of my favorite munchkins (my niece and nephew) in the mail!!! 💜💜💜


Megan, my camera, and a big knife!!! 🤗🤣


At 62, I have a lifetime of wonderful memories to choose from for this topic…..but, that day also happened to be my Mom’s Birthday, so to honor her, I was able to narrow my choices down! I could have chosen photos of us in Las Vegas or on the cruise we took together or any of the many vacations she took us on when we were little or even of her helping me fix my veil at my wedding…..but this represents a fairly ordinary day that is a fond memory in our more recent years! We had spent the day together shopping and attending a church fundraiser dinner and ended up in Yates by the lake for a concert! We sat outside on a warm summer night singing along with the band playing old time rock and roll! I came up behind her and snapped this selfie – her very first selfie! She always hated this photo because it was “too close up” and she didn’t like her smile anymore because of what the Myasthenia Gravis was doing to the muscles in her face! But I’ve always loved it because of how happy we were that day….and many other just ordinary days we spent together…..Happy Birthday, Mom! I love and miss you every minute of every day and always will till we meet again at those pearly gates! 💜💜💜


Butterfly Season


I could have taken the obvious route and posted a photo of my absolute fave animal – my Megan….but, I decided to interpret “animal” as “non-family member” – which, of course, Megan is! So, I’m pretty sure my fave non-dog animal is this gentle giant – the camel – especially this one who gave me a sweet kiss as thank you for the scratching and attention I gave him!!!


Birds……especially Hummers!

So, on to August…….the theme for August is “FOOD”……and, you know how much I love to photograph my food!!! LOL

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