2019 Maple Syrup Bus Tour

We’re in the middle of Maple Season here in Western NY! And, that means trips to Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn and bus tours and other maple related treats and fun! So, Saturday, I went on a bus tour hosted by the Cobblestone Society here in town. The tour took 27 of us to Angelica, NY where we spent some time in the quaint little downtown area to shop in the antiques and what-not shops and then to Cartwright’s for all we could eat buckwheat pancakes and fresh real maple syrup!!! YUM!!!

We were also supposed to make a stop at the Alton Sylor Memorial Bridge – aka, the Joncy Bridge. It is the longest clear span timber arch in the United States and, from the photos I’ve seen, it looks really awesome! But, we must have ran out of time cause we weren’t able to do it. But, rest assured — I was disappointed enough and am intrigued enough to make the trip to find it and get photos of it…..so, you’ll see it on here eventually – probably once the weather warms up enough to take a nice drive and when things are green enough to make pretty photos!

So — here are photos from this year’s Maple Syrup Bus Tour:

We started out at 10:00 am at the Cobblestone Museum Complex on Ridge Road in Childs.

Our tour-guide, Georgia! She was a walking encyclopedia about maple products and processing!

Angelica – a quiet little town caught in time! We spent about an hour here shopping and browsing in the antiques stores and the sweet shop – where we picked up pre-ordered pies, salt-rising bread, and other treats! I bought myself an egg custard pie — I LOVE egg custard pie and haven’t had it in years! My grandmother used to make it all the time for me! I also got a small apple caramel crunch pie to stick in the freezer for a time after I work off the egg custard and buckwheat pancakes – LOL!

These guys loved watching all the people strolling around their town! 🙂

Brings new meaning to the term “flower bed”………

And, then, on to Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn and all those scrumptious buckwheat pancakes and fresh real maple syrup!

Didn’t know till I got there that my friends Lori and Michelle were on the tour, too!

Me and Lori

Photo courtesy of Lori Laine!

Another photo I stole from Lori – LOL! That’s me and Michele at the end of the table!

And, the lady in the green on the other side of me is my neighbor, Doris, who I also didn’t know was going on the trip, too!

I take a photo of this guy every year…….and one like the one above of all the pancakes on the grill!

Can’t say I’m not consistent!!! LOL

So – that about sums up our fun and delicious day trip to Angelica!!!

4 Comments on “2019 Maple Syrup Bus Tour

    • It was fun……do you know that bridge? I definitely want to get back down and find it!

  1. …the Alton Sylor Memorial Bridge is on County Road 16 just west of the Village of Angelica. I need to take come pictures of it. When you are driving it doesn’t look like much, you need to get out and see it from the stream bank.

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