Swimming With Dolphins in Bermuda!

THE # one BEST thing I did in Bermuda was a one hour shore excursion…….I had the BEST time EVER…….I absolutely LOVED every minute of it……..I’m so glad I did it…….a memory of a lifetime!!!

I saw the excursion option for Dolphin Quest and got really excited! But…….I started to debate myself about it – it was a lot of $$$ – I have a swim suit, but never wear it and wasn’t sure I wanted to wear it in public – I know how to swim, but haven’t in years……and on and on……I kept arguing with myself about it – just do it – when will you ever get the chance to do it again – it’s only money and it will be worth it – you’ll never see these people again, so who cares if you wear a bathing suit in front of them!!! My heart finally won the argument and I am SOOOOOOO glad it did!!! It was such an amazing experience and I’ll never forget it! Hands down, the best part of the entire trip! And……I not only didn’t feel a bit uncomfortable in my swim suit, I’m actually going to post photos of me wearing it on here……because I HAVE to share the experience with you all…….so, don’t judge me…….LOL!!!

It was a small group – only four of us – a couple, me, and another single lady! So, it was great – we each had group time and individual time with the dolphins! There was a professional photographer there capturing our experience…..of course, I couldn’t pick just a few photos, so I bought them ALL!!! LOL We had to wear life jackets and they were so good that there was no way our heads were going under the water unless we wanted them to! The water in the lagoon was about 15-18 feet deep, but the jackets kept us afloat to where it looked like we were standing with our feet on the ground in water about chest deep!

If you don’t believe me that I had a good time……just look at the smiles on my face in the photos — I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing……resulting in a lot of mouthfuls of yucky salt water…..but, heck – it was worth it!!!

We started out standing on the ledge and waving at the dolphins as they swam by……they were very excited to see us!!!

Then, we sat on the ledge and they swam by so we could pet them and they could get used to us!

We each took turns feeding them fish and saying “hello”

We each also had individual turns with them doing tricks for us – I was told to hold my hands out and wave…..

My dolphin leaped up out of the water and waved back enthusiastically — splashing and dancing and giving me my first mouthful of salt water!

It was a mutually fun activity!!!

After a little while, we got in the water one at a time for more up close and personal time with the dolphins

We held hands and danced

I put my hands out and she laid her head in my hands

I clapped and cheered to praise her and she got all excited and danced around for me


We did some group things with the dolphins — we put masks on and were told to do the dead man’s float with our face in the water while the dolphins swam under us……but, I couldn’t do it — I’m not sure why – I put my face under water when I swim, but there was something about that mask, I guess…….I wanted to gasp for air and, of course, that filled my mouth with salt water…..so, they had me remove the mask and just do the above water things……I wasn’t the only one – two out of the four of us panicked when we tried to put our faces in the water!

Here I am feeding one of the dolphins a big fish as a reward for playing with us!

Me and one other girl missing out on the underwater stuff…..oh well…….

To close out the session, we returned to sitting on the ledge and petting the dolphins as they swam by

Then, we stood up and waved “goodbye” and the dolphins put their tails in the air and waved back!!!

What fun…..I am so glad my heart beat out my brain and I was able to do this……and, I’d do it again in a heart beat!!!


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