Fave Daily Photos – Catch Up….yet, again!

Bad Blogger…..Bad!!! I know I keep saying that it has been a crazy busy summer and I need to make time to post…..I sound like a broken record, for sure! But, it has been crazy! I wanted to get caught up on some of my favorite daily photo challenge photos before I start posting about my recent and upcoming adventures! I just got back from a whirl wind five state tour that started in Rapid City, SD and ended in Salt Lake City, UT! It was FABULOUS!!! I promise to get started on what will surely be multiple posts with photos and commentary about that wonderful adventure soon – hopefully, today, but more likely tomorrow! I need to be sure that adventure is recorded because I have a day trip adventure and a cruise to Bermuda and a trip to Long Island all in the coming months that I’ll have more to share from!!! So, here goes……let’s catch up these daily photos, first – just some of my favorites taken since the LAST time I played catch up!

Topic was: Leaf

Topic: Sunshine

Topic: Flying

Topic: Edge

Topic: Toppings

Topic: Trust

Topic: Nature Macro

Topic: Wall

Topic: Red

Topic: Dad

Topic: Balloons

Topic: Musical

Topic: Dance

Topic: Kick

Topic: Broke

Topic: Swing

Topic: Steps

Topic: Swish

Topic: Handsome

Topic: Hanging

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