A Daring Visitor

So, I had to move my desk and computer to make room to convert my den into my Boutique for my Lula Roe business…….which means I thought I wasn’t going to get anymore great photos of birds and squirrels at the Bird Buffet while sitting at my desk! I did put a feeding station outside the window that I now look out from my desk – which is now in my dining room – but, it just hasn’t been the same!!! I get birds, but they prefer the feeding stations in my back yard. There are trade offs in life…..sadly, this has been one of them!

Then, a couple weeks ago, I was sitting at my computer and suddenly the very tall double shepherds hook outside my window – literally two feet from the window – started to jerk back and forth causing the bird feeders to sway!!! I thought, what the heck…….and then I saw it……a squirrel had leaped onto the post and made his way up the shaft to where the seed cakes were hanging to steal himself a treat!!! He went through a series of daring feats to get the morsels and then balance himself on the top to eat and back and forth till he had his fill and left. He absolutely saw me watching him and taking his picture – we made definite eye contact on multiple occasions – but didn’t seem to mind at all! Although he was close enough to get great photos, I still zoomed in to get even better ones!!!

My new friend has been back at least once that I was there to witness! He’s been fun to watch……

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