Playing Catch Up

In case you hadn’t noticed…….I love Adventure Season – the months where the weather is cooperative enough to enjoy getting out and doing things and going places! And, I kicked this year’s Adventure Season off with a BANG – two, yes TWO, trips in two weeks! And, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of both of them! But…, I’m so far behind on everything that I find myself in the position of having to play catch up in between all the normal stuff going on! Yes, I did a lot up ahead of time so I wouldn’t be TOO far behind, but you can only do so much! But – I’m not complaining and certainly have no regrets…….I just need to knuckle down and get stuff done!

That is not as easy as it sounds……take yesterday, for example: We are in the middle of a pretty nasty ice storm that was predicted to start yesterday late afternoon or early evening, depending on where you were. I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go, so I decided to just stay home and get some things done! And, I did – stay home, that is…….and, I did get a few things done……but, I also took a lengthy nap and watched 4 or 5 programs I had on my DVR from when I was gone and got distracted with Facebook (although, in my defense, here, I work my business via Facebook, so most of my time online was work related). So, you can see that I am easily distracted……today is Sunday and the icy conditions continue – church services around town (including mine) have been canceled and I have nowhere pressing to worry about getting to……I wonder how much “catch up” will get done…….after all, it is Sunday – the day of rest……

So…..I mentioned TWO trips, but only posted about ONE of them! Let’s fix that right now!

The week after going to Washington DC, my best Adventure Buddy and I and a few more friends went to Lancaster, PA area with the local Busy Buddies and Eastern Star groups on a two day bus tour. The tour included attending the current production at the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster – “Jesus”! This is an amazing place – if you’ve never been to one of these theaters and their productions (there is also one in Branson, MO), you really should treat yourself! This is my second time – the first was to see “Moses” a few years ago with another bus tour group – and it was just as fabulous as the first time! The theater alone is amazing, but the production is breathtaking and inspiring and emotional and just…….there are no words!!!

We had lunch going down at the Country Cupboard buffet restaurant and gift shop — love that place! And, we had dinner the first night and lunch the second day at the Amish Experience in Bird-In-Hand, PA – they serve amazing comfort food family style – and we ate WAY too much!!! We also saw another smaller production in an experiential theater at the Amish Experience called “Jacob’s Choice” – the story of a teen-aged Amish boy who is at the age where he must choose to stay in the Amish community or leave for the English world. In an attempt to help his struggle, his grandfather tells him the story of how the Amish were persecuted in their home land and had to flee to America to start new communities. It was very enlightening and emotional. And, of course, there was shopping time! It is a LONG bus ride down, but worth it……

But, here’s the shocker…….I didn’t take any photos – except for the two each day for my Daily Photo Challenge! It wasn’t really a photo focused kind of a trip.

And…..the sad news is that I went ALL winter long without so much as a sniffle or sore throat – no colds, no flu, nothing – and it was a bad season for all of that, but I escaped it……till now! I think I’m starting to get a cold – coughing, nose blowing, wheezing in the chest kinda cold! I probably picked it up on the bus trip – the heater wasn’t working past the first few seats, so it was cold and drafty and we were in extremely close quarters! I hope I can nip it in the bud cause……well……if you read the first couple of paragraphs of this post, I ain’t got no time to be sick!!!

Here are the four photos I took on the trip…..

“Trees growing out of rock”

Something Weird – Things List

“Statue of Liberty in PA”

Someplace Weird – Places List

It is in Dauphin County, PA and has quite a story behind it…….Google it!


A Stranger – Things List

“Purple Chairs!!!!!”

Someplace Peaceful – Places List

And… is my annual photo of the lake that is my back yard every Spring……UGH!!!

So…..thinking I should probably get off here and get dressed and decide what I’m going to do today to put a dent in my “Catch Up” list……cause, tomorrow is not going to be a “Catch Up” day – I have plans to go to the movies and probably lunch and maybe some shopping with a friend……I got my priorities, you know!!!


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