Baby, It’s Cold Outside…..

So……Western New York – in fact, the entire east coast – is being hammered with arctic cold temperatures and snow! “Winter Wonderland” is NOT an accurate phrase for what we are experiencing….nope, I think “The Ice Age Returns” or “Arctic Tundra” is more appropriate! Today, the snow seems to have stopped with a little faint flakes blowing around, BUT…..the wind and the super cold temperatures have shut down schools, county offices, stores, and is keeping people inside where it is safe and warm!

For me…..I am staying put… driveway needs to be cleared, but I’m not going anywhere and I could get out in an emergency, if I need to, so I am NOT going out for the length of time it will take to clear it…..not today and maybe not tomorrow…..Sunday the temps are predicted to have TWO digits, so it can wait a couple days…..I have bread and milk and heat! hahaha I did go out for just a few minutes to clear a path off the deck and down the back steps for my fur-baby, Megan……she won’t go far – goes out, takes care of business, and comes right back in – but, she needs a safe path to get down the steps to avoid injury – she went out early this morning and was really leery of going down the steps she couldn’t see, so I needed to fix that for her! It was the coldest few minutes of my life! I was bundled up, but parts of my face were exposed and the frigid wind stung my skin so bad!!!

This was my Daily Photo Challenge pic for today…..the topic was “Stacked”!

Not gonna sit out to read any time soon…..

Even the icicles are coated with snow!!!

Megan’s path…….

Stay warm, peeps……I may just hibernate till Spring! 😀


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