Photos of the Day – December 10th-14th

Oh, boy……looks like I got a little behind in posting these here! Busy time of the year, for sure! But, here goes…..all caught up! 😀

Here are my Photos of the Day for December 10-14, 2017:


# 344 Photo Prompt – Sky:

“Courthouse at Night”


Advent Photo Challenge – Day 8 – Church:



# 345 Photo Prompt – Splash:

“This guy’s splashing days are over….”


Advent Photo Challenge – Day 9 – Light:



# 346 Photo Prompt – Big:

“Lots of room for Santa to fill….”


Advent Photo Challenge – Day 10 – Favorite Carol:



# 347 Photo Prompt – Tiny:

“Just a couple good swigs!”


Advent Photo Challenge – Day 11 – Waiting:



# 348 Photo Prompt – Peace:

“Looking Out From The Warmth”


Advent Photo Challenge – Day 12 – Cozy:



December 2017s Photo Prompts and Advent Photo Challenge:

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