Found Along the Way in Iowa

I mentioned in my previous Iowa post that I put 700+ miles on my rental car. I covered a lot of ground while I was exploring all that the are of Iowa I stayed in had to offer. Here are some things that caught my eye and I felt worthy of pulling over (and sometimes turning around and going back) to get a photo!

I followed signs to a Pioneer Village and Little Brown Church — the pioneer village was closed and I couldn’t see much from the parking lot, but the little brown church was right beside the road and cute as a button! It is still used for church services. The sign above the door says “Little Brown Church in the Vale; Built 1860-64”

Saw and traveled down many long dirt roads!

I imagined Iowa would be a very flat state – like Kansas. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually has a lot of beautiful rolling hills……it wasn’t easy to get a photo that really showed that, but some of these posted here hint at it.

Stay tuned for more photos from Iowa!

4 Comments on “Found Along the Way in Iowa

  1. Love the little brown church. Did you know there is a song about it? Not sure but I think it’s called “Little brown Church in the Vale”

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