Photos of the Day – October 7th and 8th

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 7-8, 2017:


# 280 Photo Prompt – Relaxing:

“Tea, a Book, and a Comfy Patio Chair”



# 281 Photo Prompt – A Treasure:



The photo is my Grandfather, Marlin Freeman’s baby picture and the utensils were his as a baby. The dress is circa 1874 – worn by my Great Grandfather, Howard Carlton Miles (my Grandmother, Ada Miles Freeman’s father) when he was about 3 years old. It was hand sewn by his mother – my Great-Great Grandmother, Sarah Miles! These items were handed down to me by my Grandparents.

I have had these items a long time – my Grandmother gave me her father’s dress about 1975 or so – at the same time my Grandfather gave me his father’s steamer trunk that he used when he worked on the railroad – I keep all my keepsakes in the trunk. Grandpa gave me his photo and silverware sometime in the late 80s. When I saw today’s Photo Prompt – “A Treasure”, I knew these would need to be in the photo!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:

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