2017 New England States Adventure – Connecticut

Here it is……DRUM ROLL, PLEASE…….the much anticipated photos from my big New England States Adventure!!! YAY!!! There is way too much to put into one post, so this will be the first of several posts…..the basic info about the trip and our time in Connecticut!

This was yet another most excellent adventure with my brother and sister-in-law in their motor home. This time we were joined by their newest family member – Ellie, a rescued chocolate lab mix puppy! What a sweetie…..and, she traveled so well!

Me, Ellie, Lylace, and Kevin – ready to head out!

And, on the road!

And, Ellie in her favorite spot, doing her favorite past time while on the road!


  • Seven (7) states (counting NY…..cause we drove from one end to the other and camped one night in Herkimer)
  • 10 Days
  • 1,570 miles


We spent three nights in the KOA in Niantic, CT, where we rented a car so we could do Mystic, CT, Salem, MA, and Plymouth, MA. Here are a few pics from time spent in Mystic and other Connecticut stuff.

This was an interesting sight along the interstate not long after we crossed over into CT

Our campsite at the Niantic, CT KOA

We got to see a Beluga whale at the Mystic Aquarium! WOW! So cool!

Ellie and the whale were fascinated with each other…..they definitely bonded! 😀

These seals were having a blast playing and wrestling in the water together!

The penguins were fun to watch!

This was one of several HUGE crabs……all I could think was “DINNER”! haha

They had tons of fish of all kinds, but these clown fish were my favorites!

I think they like each other……

I always get a kick out of seeing the under-side of these guys – they have a goofy face!

Jellyfish are awesome!

Olde Mystic is a little “village” of old-time buildings, specialty shops and restaurants

Amazing fish and chips at a little German Pub

Then, we went to downtown Mystic so we could see Mystic Pizza

We picked up take-out slices for later that evening

It was good……I’ve had better, but it was cool to eat a slice of Mystic Pizza

Downtown Mystic is tiny and congested, but a cool little town

Look at the counter weights on that draw bridge!!!

Loved this arched entrance into the Mystic cemetery

One night while we were in Niantic, a friend of Lylace’s that lives nearby stopped by to visit with us – we had a campfire and enjoyed some wine and conversation!

NEXT POST:  MASSACHUSETTS – covering Salem and Plymouth some other cool stuff we did in MA 


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