Photos of the Day – Aug 9th, 10th, and 11th

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 9-11, 2017:


# 221 Photo Prompt – Starts with I:

“Italian for Dinner”


Olive Garden – surprise birthday dinner for my niece, Brittany!

# 221 Caught By My Lens:



I started out with LLR Mickey leggings and a charcoal Classic Tee to go to the gym and run errands

And, later – for my niece’s surprise birthday dinner – I changed into this LLR Julia dress and Sarah sweater


# 222 Photo Prompt – Starts with J:

“Jam-packed with Jive Turkey Buzzards”


Found on the top of the canal gates on Eagle Harbor Albion Rd……my Grandparents used to call Eagle Harbor “Buzzard’s Gulch” – guess this may be why!!! hehehe

# 222 Caught By My Lens:

More pics of the turkey buzzards… one point there were 12-15 of them, but they came and went while I was taking photos!


I wore this aqua acid washed LLR Carly to lunch with friends!


# 223 Photo Prompt – Starts with K:

“Kiwi for Lunch”


# 223 Caught By My Lens:

Look at the size of the HUGE cones on my Pinky Winky Hydrangea bush, this year!!! WOW!!!

The bush is LOADED with them! I have two more of these bushes, but they are younger and the cones are much smaller!


I paired this super comfy LLR Classic Tee with a pair of capris for the gym, errands, and housework!

AND MORE – DINNER PLANS – DOTD (dinner of the day):

I decided to try one of those meal plan companies that send you all you need to make a few meals each week. I chose “Hello Fresh” for my trial. So far, I’m pleased with it……the ingredients are fresh and of high quality…..the recipes are easy……there are enough choices to ensure I will find meals to choose that I should enjoy……everything comes packed separately, so I can be flexible with foods I can’t eat or don’t particularly care for – for instance, tonight’s meal called for mozzarella cheese in the pasta salad, but I’m allergic to cheese, so I was able to just leave it out – also, the chipotle power was not already added to the BBQ sauce, so I could add just enough to make it within my spicy tolerance! 🙂 So — I got my first box this week and fixed my first meal, tonight! I get the “meals for two” – 3 meals a week option – so, I can actually get six meals out of the boxes each week – each night I cook the two servings – one to eat and one to wrap up for another night! So far, so good! Tonight’s meal was soooooo good! And, it was a good sized portion – I was full and then some!

This is everything that comes in the box for this particular meal – tonight’s meal was Chipotle BBQ Chicken Thighs with Pesto Pasta Salad!

Excellent! Very tasty and filling! Two Chipotle BBQ chicken thighs and the salad was made of charred zucchini, charred red onions, penne pasta, a variety of heirloom grape tomatoes, and pesto – it also called for fresh mozzarella, but I left that out!

And, I have another plate just like it in the fridge for another night!

AND…..there was pasta salad left over after I put a generous portion on each of the two plates!

August 2017s Photo Prompts:

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