Mt. Albion Cemetery Walking Tour – 08-06-17

Tonight was the first of this year’s annual August series of Walking Tours at Albion, NY cemeteries…..this one was at Mount Albion Cemetery and we toured the original and oldest section in the cemetery.

Here are some photos I took during the tour:

The tour was lead by Orleans County Historian, Matt Ballard, who offered some wonderful stories about the history of the cemetery and the interesting residents – most of whom lead very colorful and historically significant lives!

Note the stones just to the right of the tree in the background — the pillars on either side of the center stone appear to be decoration, but they are actually the grave markers of the young children of the parents buried in the center – both children died at approximately 2 years of age, hence the broken pillars, signifying a life cut short or life unfinished.

I always love to find stones carved like trees….this one is wonderful – carved like tree branches made into a cross!

This is the future family plot for our former Orleans County Historian, Bill Lattin – I know he loves this section of the cemetery, so I’m sure that is why he chose this spot for his final resting place! And, what an absolutely lovely spot it is!!!

It has the following quote on the bottom: “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” ~ Wilde

One of the most recognizable monument in the cemetery is of Sanford Church – former Lt. Gov. of NY and noted Albionite

These tours always draw a big crowd — they are very popular and enjoyable!

This monument is not made of stone, as is typical of grave markers… is hollow and made of some sort of ZINC (Check out the comments for this blog for a great explanation by my friend and fellow WNY blogger – Tom The Backroads Traveller – cause I originally mentioned here that I couldn’t remember the metal Matt told us this was made of).

The panels can be removed and changed, if desired. My friend, Jan, and I wondered what “Only Waiting” meant — is the spot waiting for a resident or is the resident waiting for whatever comes next??? Interesting!

I always love finding the very ornately decorated stones!

The view of the chapel from our last stop of the tour…..peaking down from behind a very old stone!

Next week, the walking tour will be at the old St. Joseph’s Cemetery on Brown Rd. That will be interesting……and, a lot less strenuous – it is a relatively flat cemetery! hehehe

4 Comments on “Mt. Albion Cemetery Walking Tour – 08-06-17

  1. …Kim the metal gravestone is a “White Bronze” grave marker which are actually made from zinc. The fancy white bronze name was a marketing ploy to make the zinc material sound more attractive. The white bronze markers came from the Monumental Bronze Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut and its later subsidiaries. The markers were sold nationwide in the general timeframe form 1870s to 1912.

    • YES! Zinc is what Matt told us! I will edit the post to reflect that! Thank you, kind sir!!!

    • If you’re on Facebook, “like” the Orleans County Department of History page. They post notices for all their events, as well as cool stories and photos – it is a GREAT page! Right now, there are videos of the cemetery tours they did this past week as part of the Orleans County Heritage Festival. The regular cemetery tours are typically every Sunday during August starting at 6:00 each year – they have done them for several years, now. Hope you can join next year’s or if they have any other special ones planned.

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