Photos of the Day – August 1st and 2nd


Here are my Photos of the Day for August 1-2, 2017:


# 213 Photo Prompt – Starts with “A”:

“AHS Alumni Foundation Visibility Team”


Marissa, Kim, Sue…..what a team!!! ❤

# 213 Caught By My Lens:

“Surprise Inside”

I was watering my plants and noticed something red inside my coleus…..upon closer inspection, I learned it was a grape tomato – not attached – not growing there – just sitting there! Wondered if a bird dropped it there or what…..found out it most likely fell in there while it was on display at the Flower Show at the Orleans County Fair, where an entry involving grape tomatoes was displayed above it! hehehe


I attended an AHS Alumni Foundation Reception this evening, so I (of course) wore my purple Maxi skirt, white shirt, and this great Joy duster! Gotta show my school spirit!!! (But…..I wish I had chosen to wear my purple Carly with the Joy…..would have been cooler!)


# 214 Photo Prompt – Starts with “B”:


# 214 Caught By My Lens:

One of my best friends is visiting from NC this week. He took me up in his plane this morning so I could take some aerial photos – I’ll post the best ones in a separate post, but here are a few teasers:

“Captain Ron”

“Ready For Take Off”

“Downtown Albion, NY”


August 2017s Photo Prompts:

4 Comments on “Photos of the Day – August 1st and 2nd

  1. What a cool opportunity for you to get aerial shots of your beloved Albion!! Tom & I went up in a sea plane twice in the ADK Mountains and that was fun too. A different perspective for sure!

    • It was GREAT! I hope to get the rest of the pics up in a post tonight or tomorrow! 🙂

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