Photos of the Day – July 23rd and 24th

Here are my Photos of the Day for July 23-24, 2017:


# 204 Photo Prompt – Childhood:

“This used to be an ice skating rink with a hot chocolate shack and lights for night skating!”


Things change over the years…..


It was a “Carly” day!


# 205 Photo Prompt – Looking Up:

“Clouds and Flags”


I popped in at the fair this morning to see if my entry in the Flower Show won a ribbon….it didn’t, but I scored really high and “almost” made it, so I’m not discouraged and will definitely work to try again next year! But…..while I was there, I did manage to get this shot for today’s photo prompt! 😀

# 205 Caught By My Lens:

My hot pink phlox are amazing this year! They are in the front island garden and really stand out!


And….speaking of hot pink… I wore this LLR fuchsia Perfect T and Leggings with black, teal, and fuchsia swirls!


July 2017s Photo Prompts:


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