Wild Animal Park Adventure – June 2017

The first weekend in June I ventured out on an adventure to the Land of Oz…..Chittenango, NY…..for their annual Oz-Stravaganza festival weekend! Before the trip, I researched what other cool things might be in the area that I could see while I was there. I found this animal park and you know I love me some critters, so I put it on the list and stopped on my way in to town. I was definitely NOT disappointed…..WOW…..what a fantastic place this is!!! LOVED IT!!! Could have spent tons more time there and will probably find a good excuse to go back again and again!

Here is the web site (click here) to check them out. The park is called Wild Animal Park and it is located just outside the village of Chittenango – very easy to find. They have lots of animals in very well kept and spacious habitat enclosures. Some you can get up close and personal with and feed them and some – the more dangerous ones – are more securely enclosed for your safety. They also have a bounce house area for kids, snack huts, and a picnic area over looking a beautiful lake. It is one of the better animal parks I’ve ever been to. Just fantastic!

Here are some of the photos I took during my visit:

I spent a LOT of time with this sweetheart!!! A baby camel…..and she was the sweetest, most lovable baby EVER!!!

This black goat was a bully – he would crowd his way in to steal the food out of people’s hands that were trying to feed other animals…..but, my sweet baby camel wasn’t going to take it…..she bit onto the side of his neck and pushed him out of the way! hahaha Atta-girl!!!

Another favorite feature for me was the giraffes. They had a platform so you could get up eye-to-eye with the giraffes and feed them. They were amazing creatures! They really loved the attention, being petted, and – of course – the carrots!!! And, I loved them!!!

There was another platform where you could get up close with the camels, too. The baby camel in the other enclosure was super sweet, but so were these adult camels……so gentle and really loved the attention!

The ostriches fascinated me, too!

Just a split second after I took this close up of this ostrich, he reached out and grabbed my watch! It startled the crap out of me! But, made me laugh so hard, too!

Take the drive to check out this park……it’s worth it……it is only about 2.5 hours from Albion (give or take, depending on which route you take and traffic).

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