Photos of the Day – July 2nd and 3rd

Here are my Photos of the Day for July 2-3, 2017:


# 183 Photo Prompt – Something Yellow:

“Day Lilies”

#something yellow

The yellow centers really make the rust blossoms pop, don’t they?


“Ready For Church”

Patchwork LLR “Carly” dress with solid black leggings!


# 184 Photo Prompt – Slice:

“Zucchini – Before and After”


My dinner this evening was a small zucchini, sliced and fried in some Italian bread crumbs, and a dish of vanilla yogurt with dried blueberries and honey roasted pecans! Yummy…..light and refreshing…..and both were gentle reminders of Mom!

# 184 Caught By My Lens:

“Hydrangea Tree opening nicely!”


LLR Americana Leggings and a heathered orange “Irma” top



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