Photos of the Day – June 20th and 21st

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 20-21, 2017:


# 171 Photo Prompt – YAY:

“Guess I Won’t Be Mowing or Watering The Afternoon”


Truth be told……I didn’t really want to, anyway! hehehe


# 172 Photo Prompt – On The Table:

“Ready To Paint”


…..and, the finished product!

(more on this later in this post…..)

# 172 Caught By My Lens:

“Past and Future”

Taken from the Present! LOL

And…..another Caught By My Lens:

“How I “Roe’d” Today……”

LuLa Roe Leggings with a Mint Green LuLa Roe Perfect T

I seriously need to write a post about getting hooked on this amazing fashion trend…..LuLa Roe ROCKS!!!


OK, so, I think I mentioned this briefly in another post and may have posted other photos….maybe not, I don’t know. I am working on creating (painting ceramic pieces) a set of dishes…..service for eight (dinner plates, sandwich plates, soup bowls, and salad bowls) and matching service pieces (chip/dip dish, turkey platter, a couple various size serving bowls, and a deviled egg plate…..maybe more….we’ll see what else they have that might make a nice addition to the set). I’m doing 2-3 pieces at a time with a goal of finishing the set by the end of summer…..we’ll see how far I get and how long it actually takes me! Right now, I have two full place settings (except only one salad bowl), the chip/dip dish, and the turkey platter done. They will all have the same colors – dark teal with a contrasting color of white with the same teal speckles and other color speckles – and the same basic pattern. But, there will be subtle differences between the different pieces…, they won’t be exactly the same (well, each specific piece will be the same…, each dinner plate will be the same, but the sandwich plates will be slightly different from the dinner plates, etc.)!

Anyway…’s what I have, so far:

My turkey platter

My Chip/Dip Dish

An example of one place setting (minus the square salad bowl)

(l-r)  Dinner Plate, Soup Bowl, Sandwich Plate

And, the square salad bowl…..painted, but not yet glazed and fired!

I’m really excited about this project! I will have a beautiful and very personal set of dishes when I’m done……one that I put a lot of time into and will, hopefully, be quite proud to show off to company!


June 2017s Photo Prompts:

Hhhmmm……now that I see tomorrow’s prompt (teal), I’m thinking I should have waited to take photos of my dishes to use then!!! Oh, well…..I’ll find something else that I can use to represent “Teal”! 😀



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