Photos of the Day – May 28th

Here are my Photos of the Day for May 28, 2017:

# 148 Photo Prompt – Depth of Field:

“First Blue Bird Sighting”


# 148 Caught By My Lens:

“Home Shopping”

This morning, I caught Mrs. Blue Bird scoping out the new cobblestone bird house….by the time I got my camera, she was on the fence and then gone! But, she looked it all over and went inside to give it a good checking out!

But, I waited patiently, and sure enough……after a little while, she brought her husband back to show him the house she found!!!

They sat in the tree checking out the neighborhood for a while. Then, Mr. Blue Bird decided to take a closer look. He looked it over good – peeked inside, but didn’t go in. and then they flew off to discuss it! I sure hope they decide to make my beautiful bird and butterfly friendly island and brand new cobblestone bird house their home!!! ❤

While I waited for Mr. and Mrs. Blue Bird to return, I saw lots of other beautiful visitors… this Cardinal and Blue Jay!!!

No Oriole sightings, yet……but, the nectar and oranges are out and I plan to get some grape jelly today! They will come!!! 🙂


May 2017s Photo Prompts:

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