Photos of the Day – May 18th

Here are the Photos of the Day for May 18, 2017:

Both the photos for today are of a wonderful bush I have in my gardens… fact, I have four of them! They are called Boomerang Lilacs, which are a dwarf lilac bush that blooms in the spring and then again in the late summer/early autumn! The blossoms aren’t as huge as a regular lilac bush, but they are just as stunning and smell just as sweet! I love them – they are great in a smaller bed with other plants……a perfect addition to my gardens!

# 138 Photo Prompt – Pastel:

“Boomerang Lilacs”


# 138 Caught By My Lens:

“Boomerang Lilac Bush”

Second of four bushes in my yard!

Some other photos from today:

I am so happy that – as of today – there is an ALL BEATLES station on Sirius XM radio!!! My life is complete!!!

I went to a “Bead ‘n Sip” event with a friend of mine, tonight…..we made necklaces – this is mine! LOVE IT!!!

And we enjoyed wine slushies while we beaded!!! First time I’ve had one…..won’t be the last!!! 🙂


May 2017’s Photo Prompts:

4 Comments on “Photos of the Day – May 18th

  1. Hey Kim, Considering you are that much of a Beatles fan (as I am), have you ever seen and heard on YouTube the singing group ‘The Fab Four’ ? They are so much like the Beatles it is uncanny ! I have spent hours listening to them, especially their full concert which took place in Burbank Calif. in July 2015. Check it out. Should be well worth your time ! I think you will enjoy it !

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