Photos of the Day – April 17th

WOW – I do believe Spring is really here…..not just a teaser, like we had a few weeks ago! Everything in my yard is starting to bud and some are actually blooming or right on the verge of blossoming! My yard already needs to be mowed…..but, I can’t get my mower out of my shed just yet – still too wet out in that section of the back yard – I’m afraid I’ll bury it if I try to drive it out of the shed! 😦 But, pretty soon, now, I’ll be taking my regular spins around the yard singing along with my favorite play list! Can’t wait!

So, here are the Photos of the Day for April 17, 2017…..both showing the glorious signs of Spring in my yard!!!

# 107 Photo Prompt – Eye Spy:

She caught me trying to take her picture and stuck her tongue out at me!!!


Silly Miss Megan!!!

# 107 Caught By My Lens:

Can’t wait till this beauty blossoms!!!

Weeping Crab Apple – the crown jewel of my yard!


April 2017s Photo Prompts:

2 Comments on “Photos of the Day – April 17th

    • Got it out, today…..and mowed the lawn! Figured I had a small window of opportunity to see if the yard was set enough! It worked! 🙂

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