Photos of the Day – April 10th

What a gorgeous 70+ degree day it was here in Western NY, today!!! For me, it has been a day of settling back in to the real world after vacation. Megan made sure I got up at our usual time and followed our normal morning routine. Then, I tried out my new treadmill for a little stroll in the bedroom before heading out to run some errands and going to the store to stock up on some groceries. It was also an emotional day – one year ago, today, we lost our Mom! So, I paid a visit at Mt. Albion and had a great chat with her and my Dad.

Mom hated this photo, but it is one of my favorites….because it reminds me of a warm end of summer night we shared at the lake listening to an outdoor concert – memories of happier times together! I love and miss her so much!

Here are the Photos of the Day for April 10, 2017:

# 100 Photo Prompt – Flora:

“Peony Sprouts”


Not much flora, yet, but lots of buds and sprouts around my yard!!!

# 100 Caught By My Lens:

“Finished Craft Project”

I picked this up, today. I painted it just before I left on vacation and it was glazed and fired while I was gone!

Lenten Photo Challenge – Lent (Day 41) – Forgiveness:

(yeah, I know – Lent is only 40 days long, but the Photo Challenge includes all the Sundays and Easter – which technically are not included in “Lent”)

“C. S. Lewis Quote”


Ok, so I didn’t photograph this, but I did create it and saved it as a jpeg file…..and, the one I posted on Instagram was a photo of it on the computer screen………I don’t count this as a true “cheat”!!! hehehe

Enjoy what is left of this gorgeous spurt of spring weather before we have some more roller coaster temperatures over the coming days/weeks!

April 2017s Photo Prompts:

Lenten Photo Challenge:

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