Photos of the Day – March 11th

It was a big day, today…..scroll to the next post to read all about it…, I’m late getting the Photos of the Day up and I’m really beat!!! Think I’ll get this posted and go curl up in front of the TV and see how long it takes me to start snoring!!!

Here are the Photos of the Day for March 11, 2017:

# 70 Photo Prompt – Two Tone:

“Chocolate and Red Sweet Treats”


I got lucky in the basket raffle at the Albion Wine Walk, today — this is one of two baskets I won!!! I also won the free store raffle basket from Uptown Browsery! (maybe I should buy some lottery tickets tomorrow…..if my luck hasn’t worn off by then!)

# 70 Caught By My Lens:

“Shimmering Wine Glasses”

Lenten Photo Challenge – Lent (Day 11) – Mentor:

“Spiritual Teacher”


I didn’t think I would find a way to represent today’s Lenten Photo Challenge topic…..then, I was at the Pullman Church registering for the Wine Walk and got my inspiration!!! And, I can never enter that church without taking a photo of this amazing Tiffany Stained Glass Window, so win/win!!!


March 2017’s Photo Prompts:

Lenten Photo Challenge:

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