Photos of the Day – March 8th and 9th

WOW – yesterday (March 8th) WNY was hit by a horrendous wind storm and our county took a beating from it! I’m hearing that the wind had 80+ MPH gusts and near 70 MPH sustainable winds! It lasted throughout the day and well into the night. Lots of damage, trees down, debris all over, and many lost power! Some power is slowly starting to be restored and the clean up efforts are making impressive progress. As for me…..I and my neighborhood were lucky! I lost power a couple of times, but only for short periods – just long enough to kick on the generator and let it run a bit and then the power was back. My house creaked and rattled and whistled and howled from the wind, but no damage……Thank the Lord! I did lose my Time Warner services – cable, internet, and phone, though! So….I guess you could say the worst that happened to me, personally, was that I couldn’t post my photos of the day and I missed my Wednesday night TV shows…..I know, it was a real hardship and I was bored to tears, but do know how very lucky I was – could have been much worse! But, all is back on here at my house, now…..still others waiting to be back online and powered up!

So……since I did get yesterday’s photos taken before the worst of the storm, I will catch up the blog now with yesterday and today’s photos!

Here are the Photos of the Day for March 8, 2017:

# 67 Photo Prompt – Fave Part of My Day:

“Anytime I Can Sing and Be With Friends”


Wednesday’s Lenten Lunch at church

# 67 Caught By My Lens:

“Recent Craft Projects – Completed!”

Too bad all but the two nightlight covers are meant as gifts!!! Might have to make more for myself!

Lenten Photo Challenge – Lent (Day 8) – Nurturing:

“Soup and Sandwiches”

Lenten Lunch at church – they are put on every Weds during Lent!


Here are the Photos of the Day for March 9, 2017:

# 68 Photo Prompt – Miniature:

“Munchkins and a Small Sweet Tea – YUM!”


# 68 Caught By My Lens:

“Sitting on Top of the World”

Lenten Photo Challenge – Lent (Day 9) – Walk:

“Watch Your Step”

#walk   #blocked sidewalk   #windstormcasualty

This is the corner of State and Ingersoll Streets in Albion…..the Merrill Grinnell funeral Home.


One more thing I want to share……a dear friend and fellow blogger and his wife sent me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers all the way from Hawaii! They are simply breathtaking……and they are so huge and there are so many that I didn’t have a vase large enough for them all, so I had to split them into two arrangements! I am so blessed…….and so thankful for this very kind gift! ❤ I am so excited to see them once they fully open and show off their ultimate beauty! Thank you, Tom and Janette!!!


March 2017s Photo Prompts:

Lenten Photo Challenge:

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