Photos of the Day – February 27th


Well, today really wasn’t my day!

  • I took some pants to a lady who does alterations in Medina to have her hem them for me (I really wish they would have another size category for short people – they have tall, average, and petite, but they really need one called “really petite” for those of us who still have to hem the ones made for short people). But, I got there and realized I only had two pair in my bag and I had FOUR pair that needed to be hemmed!!! UGH – so, now I have to make another trip to drop the other ones off!
  • I went to print some things for a meeting I had to attend tonight, but my computer didn’t recognize my wireless printer…..and visa-versa! It worked fine after I set up my new modem/wireless router the other day, but now for some reason, it wouldn’t work! I restarted both computer and printer – didn’t help! I called Time Warner thinking it must be something with how the modem/router was set up, but they confirmed all was fine. I tried some diagnostics on the printer set up, but nothing worked. I called my nephew to get him to remotely log in and see if he could figure it out, but he was at a hockey game watching his son play, so it would be later this evening before he could get to it. BUT…..all of a sudden, it worked and I was printing just fine and they were recognizing each other, again. No idea what I did to fix it, but something I pressed must have done something! So, all is fine, after all!
  • I got so involved with the printer mess that it was suddenly time to leave for my meeting and I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat for dinner and I was hungry. With no time to fix anything, I popped by McDonald’s and grabbed a hamburger and small fries…….I’m trying to stay away from fast foods, but what could I do with literally 15 minutes to grab something and make it to the meeting!
  • I didn’t want a soda, so I also ran by Dunkin’ Donuts to get a sweet tea. First – I was in the line waiting my turn at the window after ordering and I moved my head just right and caught sight of something tall and dark outside my side window and about jumped out of my seat……I guess I thought someone was standing there……it was just an arborvitae….but, it really got my heart racing……and, even after I saw it was just a tall shrub, a fleeting thought of the horror movie kind flashed across my brain of a man-eating arborvitae lurking in the shadows waiting for a suitable prey! THEN, I got to the window and they said they were out of regular iced tea and asked if I wanted iced green tea instead……I thought, eeewww, no……and told them no thanks! They showed me that they only had about 1/2 a medium glass of regular and then asked if I wanted them to just top off the rest of the glass with the green tea…..I thought for a minute and said why not!!! So, that’s what I ended up with – 1/2 regular and 1/2 green tea – and, it was actually pretty good – I couldn’t tell the difference! After all that, I still made it to the meeting just in time! 🙂

So……after this very strange day, here are the Photos of the Day for February 27, 2017:

# 58 Photo Prompt – New:


“House Blessing”

#new  #wellfairlynew

A recent addition to my home decor!

# 58 Caught By My Lens: 

(or should I say literally caught by my EYE!!!???)


“Scary Arborvitae”

See above – 4th bullet – for detailed explanation!!! 😀


Wednesday is March 1st and it is also Ash Wednesday – the first day of the Lenten season. I was given this list of Lent related photo prompts that I may try to do during Lent in addition to my other photo challenges. Here is a copy of the list, if anyone else is interested in giving it a try:



February 2017s Photo Prompts – just one day left:


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