Photo of the Day – February 25th

Hi, there…..thanks for stopping by! It was a rainy, chilly day today. I was planning to just have a quiet, lazy Saturday and stay in out of the weather and do some things around the house. But……technology had other ideas for me! My wireless router died! I debated going to Walmart or Office Max or somewhere to get a new one, but finally just decided to go to the Time Warner store in Brockport and turn in my old modem and get one of the new all in one (modem/wifi) units. So, I did! While I was out, I filled up my gas tank and popped in to the open house for a new holistic/wellness shop in Medina. I missed the open house, but picked up some info. Might be a cool place! When I got home, I set up my new modem/wifi equipment and left again to go get some dinner……by then, I was just too pooped to cook! Now, I think I can finally curl up on the couch and read a little or catch up with whatever is on my DVR. What a day……lazy Saturday – yeah, right!!! 🙂

Here is the Photo of the Day for February 25, 2017:

# 56 Photo Prompt – Grass:


“Mud and Wet, but No Snow! YAY!” 



February 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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