Photos of the Day – February 21st

Hello……we had a gorgeous sunrise this morning and I almost missed it! Megan started pacing around the bedroom about 6:30…..1/2 hour before we usually get up! I tried to just pretend she didn’t wake me and then tried to talk her into laying back down for a little while longer, but she wasn’t having it! So, I got up and let her out the back door and saw THIS!!! WOW!!! I grabbed my camera and snapped off a couple shots. By the time Megan was done and came in for her breakfast (literally 5 minutes later), the colors were already drastically muted and they were gone before the time I would have normally been there to open the door and see it! Thanks, Megan……022117_sunrise

Here are the photos of the day for February 21, 2017:

# 52 Photo Prompt – Lines:


“Tree Lined Drive”

Entrance to the old St. Joseph’s Cemetery on Brown Rd.

# 52 Caught By My Lens:


“Introducing, The Beagles!”

Live from my patio with their greatest hits, such as I Wanna Hold Your Paw, Twist and Howl, and Please Mr. Postman (accept my apology)

Just bought these from an online yard sale…….what a fun addition they will be to my patio or one of my gardens this summer!!!


February 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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