Photos of the Day – February 17th

Hi, there! So, today I took the photo prompt and sort of themed up both photos of the day and then some! I started on my goal to start walking more. It was a lovely day – about 44 degrees when these photos were taken – so I decided to make a short loop around a lower section of Mount Albion Cemetery. Start slow and build up, you know! I’m going to give this the good ole college try……whether I keep it up is yet to be seen, but I can promise that if I do continue to walk in nice outdoor locations, such as Mt. Albion or the Canal Tow Path, etc., that I will absolutely have my camera with me and you’ll see what I see! But, given the unpredictability of the weather this time of year and the desire for more flat, controlled surfaces to start my efforts out with, I will likely seek out indoor locations – like the walking loop at the school, maybe???? Whatever I end up doing, I really do need to build up my knee and energy to be able to walk further than I do……I have three adventures planned between now and June that all will require extensive walking!  So, wish me luck!

So, here are the Photos of the Day……and then some……for February 17, 2017:

# 48 Photo Prompt – Sport:


“Left, Right, Left, Right”

#sport; #walking

# 48 Caught By My Lens:


“A Nice Winter Stroll”

And, more of what I saw along my walk:



I’m not the only one who’d been out walking, today!


And, signs that some critters were enjoying a nice winter stroll through the cemetery, too!


I just love how beautiful and peaceful it is in our lovely cemetery!


I strolled past some ancestors on my grandmother’s side……the Armina L. Miles on the left was a cousin of my great grandfather’s (my grandmother’s father). She died at the age of 29, just 3 months before my grandmother was born, so her parents gave her the middle name of Armina in her honor.




February 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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