Photos of the Day – February 11th

Well, hello, there…..and Happy Saturday! I had the pleasure of a very lazy Saturday……I read, took a drive, filled up my gas tank, took a nap, and……well, that’s about it! hehehe A true lady of leisure!!!


Here are the Photos of the Day for February 11, 2017:

# 42 Photo Prompt – Words:


“Most Important To Me”

This sign hangs prominently in my dining room……and it is no accident that Family is at the center of these very important words!

# 42 Caught By My Lens:


“Stone Wall”

This stone wall surrounds the old Tanner cemetery across the street from Mount Albion Cemetery. It pre-dates Mount Albion and began as the Tanner family burial grounds. Many of the remains were moved to Mount Albion after it opened.


February 2017’s Photo Prompts:


2 Comments on “Photos of the Day – February 11th

    • Yes, we went there the day you came out to Albion – that old one on the hill across from Mt Albion.

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