Photos of the Day – January 19th

Yep, I missed yesterday’s photos! I had a routine procedure done in the morning and slept all the rest of the day to shake off the funk from the sedatives….up until choir practice in the evening and then went back to bed shortly after that and slept all night long!!! So……it was a “lost” day and, subsequently, no photos! But, I’m back in full force, today!

Here are the Photos of the Day for January 19, 2017:

# 19 Photo Prompt – Shape:


“Scalloped Circle”

This is my response to the “shape” photo prompt! I made this deviled egg plate and picked it up today after it was done being fired! I love how it turned out!!!

# 19 Caught By My Lens:



I went to the movies with a friend, today, and we stopped at Rohrbach’s Brewing Company for lunch and this was one of their specials for the day……Asian marinated beef topped with Asian slaw and a side of German Potato Salad……OMG – to die for!!!


January 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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