Photos of the Day – January 16th

I had a great day, today……meeting with some special ladies at church, lunch, and best of all – got to spend time with my great nephew and great niece – always pure joy! Mondays used to have such a negative connotation to them when I was working……now that I’m retired, they can be just as special as all the other days of the week are! đŸ™‚

Here are the Photos of the Day for January 16, 2017:

# 16 Photo Prompt – Music:


“A Classic”

This song always reaches right down into my soul when I hear it……never fails to shut out the rest of the world and make the music the everything there is for the few minutes it plays!

# 16 Caught By My Lens:


“Dusk Over The Muck”

And, now……two amazing versions of the incredible song, “When A Man Loves A Woman”:

First — the original — the classic — Percy Sledge!!!

And……the incomparable Bette Midler’s version from the movie, “The Rose”


January 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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