Photos of the Day and a New Pub Review – January 11th

I feel like Spring has sprung, today…..I know – it hasn’t – but it sure felt like it! We’re experiencing a bit of a heat wave with temps in the low 40s, a bright sun, and a gorgeous blue sky. My friend, Cathy, and I took advantage of the beautiful day and went to Medina to check out a new restaurant….a Celtic Pub, to be more specific. They had a “soft” opening last week and it was so successful, they ran out of a lot of the key items on their menu and had to close on Sunday and Monday to restock! Well, they are open, now and we went for lunch this afternoon. I’ll leave my comments for the review that will come a little later in this post, but, suffice it to say that I highly recommend it! 🙂

But, first……here are the Photos of the Day for January 11, 2017:

# 11 Photo Prompt – Inside My Fridge:


“Funky Roll Out Drawer Hack”

When I saw today’s photo prompt, I panicked! While I love to cook and am actually a pretty good cook, I hate to cook for one person, so I eat out a lot or pop stuff in the microwave. So, my fridge is usually pretty bare – rarely is there ever anything interesting enough for a photo in there! But, I grabbed my camera and opened the door to see what might be worthy of a photo that wouldn’t be too embarrassing! This weird little slide out tray caught my eye! I never knew exactly what it is supposed to be used for — seemed fairly useless to me — but, I got the idea not long after I bought it to use it to chill wine bottles! It is the perfect depth and is slightly slanted, so the wine bottles are stored on their side in a way to keep the corks from drying out……just like it was made for the task! So, that’s my photo to fit the prompt “Inside My Fridge”! LOL Oh…..and, I know this makes me look like a wino, but I actually rarely open a bottle of wine unless I have guests, but like to have a nice selection available and chilled for when someone may stop by or so I don’t have to remember to do so when I have dinner guests! 🙂

# 11 Caught By My Lens:


“Celtic Pub Staircase”

This is an incredibly beautiful staircase that goes up to a loft that will be used for small parties in the new Medina eatery – Fitzgibbons Public House!

Pub Review:

Fitzgibbons Public House is a new Celtic-style Pub on Main Street in Medina, NY. It opened last week and, like I said above, the soft opening weekend was a huge success! My friend, Cathy and I had planned to go Sunday afternoon, but by the time they closed Saturday night, they were sold out of several key menu items, so they decided to close Sunday and Monday to take time to reevaluate their needs and restock! They are planning for Tuesdays to be their typical “closed” day, which means that today was their first day to be open since the opening weekend. We decided to go for lunch, today……and boy are we glad we did! They currently have a limited menu – just burgers, a few deli sandwiches, a couple appetizers, shepherd’s pie, and a steak and banger pie. They also fresh cut their own steak fries. I was leaning towards the corned beef sandwich, but we both decided to have the steak burger! OMG — it was the best burger I’ve had in a VERY long time! It was ample size, tender, juicy, well seasoned, cooked to perfection, and had the best char-broiled flavor!!! It was served on a delicious roll with lettuce and tomato (cheese, if you want it) and a side of chips. We were happy campers, for sure! And, the prices are reasonable for the pub-like setting and amazing food! Inside the pub is GORGEOUS – the ambiance and decor is amazing. It was a perfect lunch…..well, might have been a tad more perfect if we could have tried the fresh cut steak fries, but they were having an issue with their fryer…..that’s OK, though – I had PLENTY to eat and now can look forward to definitely trying them next time! I can not wait to see what they put on their expanded menu! Along with the food, there is a stunning bar and an impressive list of specialty brews to choose from, as well as other adult beverages. I plan to return…..again and again and again! This is sure to become a very popular regular eatery in the area – great food, good prices, excellent atmosphere (they were pretty busy on this Wednesday lunch period)…….check it out!!! I give Fitzgibbons Public House a solid 5 out of 5 stars and TWO thumbs up!!!

Here are some more photos from inside the pub:







January 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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