Albion Downtown Holiday Window Displays

One thing I especially enjoy this time of year is strolling around our lovely, historic downtown just after dusk to check out all the merchant’s holiday window displays. The Albion merchants do an awesome job making the streets of downtown look festive and bright! Last night was the night I got out to feast my eyes on their amazing creations and gather some photos. They did not disappoint!!! 😀

Yesterday was also the Albion Merchants Association Annual Hometown Holiday event. Unfortunately, I popped my knee in the afternoon and spent most of the day icing it so that I could be sure I was able to walk around looking at the windows……so, I missed the rest of the day’s festivities! BOO HOO! But – the Orleans Hub got some good photos – click here to read their coverage of the event and click here to see the Window Display Contest winners!

Here are the photos I took of the windows from last night’s stroll – I didn’t get ALL the windows and some I got came out blurry, but this is what I have – go stroll around to see them all for yourself sometime before Christmas!


This isn’t in a window, but I couldn’t resist it……one of SEVERAL trees throughout the Hazy Jade Gift Shop – just look at that stuffed puppy! AWE!!!


Speaking of the Hazy Jade – here are Lisa’s windows – hard to tell from the photo, but there are so many trees all lit up both in the window and throughout the shop that can be seen through the window at night. Stunning! (BTW – this shop won 3rd place in the window display contest)


Next door to the Hazy Jade is Dance Reflections – this is their lovely window adorned with ballet slippers and other wonderful decorations!


Here we have the lovely windows of the Uptown Browsery


MMIM – one of two windows in Pratt Works – used a dress form to make a very creative and pretty angel


Knight’s Pride Woodworking is the other window in Pratt Works – always a treat to see what Jeremiah does with his windows!


Krantz Furniture has a tree in every window and some upstairs window decorations, too!


Part of Morrison Realty’s window display – so cute!!!


Full view of Morrison’s windows — they got an Honorable Mention in the window display contest!


I really wish I could have gotten a nice shot of the hand painted Santa in Morrison’s window….it was gorgeous! But, some of the lights were not working, so the photos just didn’t come out! It is in the window to the right of the door – you can just barely see it in this shot and the previous one.


Express Fitness’ window had Santa and his Reindeer – the lights make it look like he is flying among the stars! This window took 2nd place in the contest.


Orleans Travel was so pretty all lit up with trees!


The Village offices had some beautiful trees on display, as well!


Another shop used a dress form to decorate – this one at Lynne Marie Hair Boutique is a Christmas tree dress! Loved it!


This is the rest of Lynne Marie’s window……a fire in the fireplace and wonderful decorations inside and out make this a warm and inviting window! They took home the top prize in the window display contest.


And, last, but definitely not least……Tease did a great job on her windows! That Santa is the REAL DEAL….waving at and greeting passersby with that wonderful Santa sparkle in his eye!!!!


Close up of the real live Santa in the window at Tease! This shop also earned an Honorable Mention in the window display contest!

BRAVO to ALL the shops and congratulations to all the winners of the window display contest. Well done, one and all! Our wonderful merchants do an amazing job of keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and well in our beautiful downtown……and keeping downtown alive year round! We love and appreciate each and every one of you!

(And, I apologize for those I either didn’t get a photo of or that came out too blurry to use here….it doesn’t mean your effort wasn’t truly enjoyed!!!)

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