Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving. The official kick off of the holiday season. A time filled with love, family, friendships, joy, faith……and food!

I am going into this holiday season with a very different view point than in years past. It will be the first set of major holidays in 60 years that I have not had my Mom at least a phone call away. Yes, there were a few years here and there (very few) that I didn’t make it home for a particular holiday, but we at least talked….phoned…..Skyped…..something! And, on the vast majority of those 59 previous holidays she was at the table, cooked or shared in the cooking of the meal, and made the gathering complete. Today, although I will be surrounded by the family I adore and the meal will, I’m sure, be fabulous, I will still know deep down that the gathering is no longer complete…..something will be missing…..someone will be missing…..and, there, among a house full of love, laughter, and thankfulness, I will surely feel alone.

But, life goes on…..the people we hold dear leave us…..and life goes on……and for that I am truly grateful! I am thankful, today, for the memories, the love, the years we shared…..and I am especially thankful for the opportunity to have been able to come back home and have five amazing years where we could literally share each and every day of our lives together. I am thankful for that and more!

Yes, this first set of major holidays will be difficult and, naturally, I am a little weepy this morning. But, I am easily reminded that I am Blessed beyond measure and have so much to be thankful for.

I am Blessed with a wonderful family whom I love more than they will ever know……the ones I will be spending time and sharing a meal with today…..the ones near and far that I may not see, today, but are still so important to me……I am so very thankful for them all. I am Blessed with friends who have helped me through this tough year…..the ones who let me cry and vent……the ones who distracted me with laughter and adventures…….the ones who were always there with a smile, a hug, a note, or a greeting……I am thankful for them all. I am Blessed to be at a time in my life when I can truly enjoy life and all it has to offer……my adventures……my photography…….the opportunities to give back to my community and my church……for all of it, I am truly thankful. And, I am Blessed with a caring church family……many of which fall into the previous category of friends and others who I joyfully share time with on Sunday mornings and at various church activities……I am thankful for them all, as well.

So, while I am allowing myself time to grieve the loss of those who can no longer be with us at this Thanksgiving Feast and the coming holiday season…..I am also so very aware of all the joy and love in my life……I am thankful for the memories of holidays past…….and I am thankful for the promise of joyful holidays of the present and the future.

I wish you all a wonderful day filled with love, family, and joy…….and way too much turkey!!! May God continue to Bless us all.

Now, let’s go find those jeans we all keep just for days like this……the ones what are at least one size too big and have an elastic waist band! ENJOY!!! 🙂

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