2016 Daily Photos – Oct 1-5

Can you believe it is October, already? I sure can’t! What a year it has been! So, now that I’m back and settled in, I need to remind myself to get a photo every day! Here is what I came up with for Oct 1-5:


“Look Out, Bed, Here I Come!”

The best thing about returning home after a long trip? Getting to crawl into your own bed and get all comfy!!!



“Black Widow”

One of two AWESOME masks I purchased at a Mardi Gras mask shop in New Orleans!

You can’t tell much of the detail, here, but there is a huge spider in the center above the eyes!



“Pinky Winky Hydrangea”

LOVE this bush – I have three of them!



“New Bird and Butterfly Friendly Flower Garden”

Earlier this year, I moved most of my bird feeders to the back yard on a bird feeding station. The birds didn’t seem to like it – too out in the open, I guess! So, I decided to put in a “Bird and Butterfly Friendly Flower Garden” around my Brafford Pear tree and move the feeding station there – lots of tree cover and colorful flowers to attract them and let them hide from the hawks. It was finished today……here is what is in it: (from the left side) Red Satin Coreopsis, two Dwarf Butterfly Bushes, the Brafford Pear tree I planted the first summer I was here, the feeding station, two Variegated Japanese Iris, two Raspberry Swirl Dianthus, a Hydrangea Tree, and three Creeping Phlox. And, it has lots of room to add more in the spring and as time goes on!



“What A Life!”

My beautiful Megan….looks so peaceful……too bad you can’t hear that she was snoring like a freight train!!! hehehe

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