Festival Food…..YUMMY!!!

There is nothing in this world like festival, carnival, fair….whatever…..food!!! And, the 2016 Albion Strawberry Festival Food Court didn’t disappoint or fall short on the expectation of greatness and ooey-yummy goodness!!!

These photos are just a hint of all that was available to tempt the taste buds of happy festival patrons!


The Food Court after the parade on Saturday…..a few people showed up for some grub!


Albion Rotary Club’s hot dog booth


A smiling Rotarian working the grill


And, just look at those hot dogs and the hands of an eager (read “hungry”) customer


Cotton Candy made fresh and sold by the Albion First United Methodist Church


Who loves sausage piled high with onions and peppers???


Uncle Sal’s pizza……huge, hot slices ready to fill even the emptiest of tummies


Noodles……these smelled amazing!


Rut Ro……more sausage and onions and peppers…..sausage lovers beware


Fudge and Candy Apples and Taffy……oh, my!


Kettle Corn popping up fresh and hot!


Kettle Corn fresh out of the kettle ready to bag up……I just happen to be munching on some I brought home with me right now!


Fresh cut fries…….no frozen fries will do at our festival!!!


Hamburgers galore!


Want ice cream? Step right up to the window at the Frosty Bucket…..and, it is available even after the festival goes away!


This seagull knows these spilled french fries are worth a landing to snatch up!

Even the seagulls love the food

Yep – even the seagulls love good festival food!

Can’t wait until next year…….oh, yeah – we don’t have to wait that long…..the Orleans County 4H Fair is coming soon!!! 🙂

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