2016 Daily Photos – May 23-26

Here are the next set of 2016 Daily Photos – these were taken on May 23-26!


052316_Hat Lovers Heaven

“Hat Lover’s Heaven”

This was taken at a B&B I stayed at in Cherry Creek, NY while on a two-day Amish Trail Adventure in the Leon / Randolph area in NY – it was a GREAT corner in a foyer!


052416_My New BFF

“Me and My New BFF”

This is me with the most adorable Nigerian Dwarf Goat! We were at the Udderly Topnotch Nigerian Goat Farm in Little Valley, NY – a stop on our Amish Trail Adventure. This one took to me more so than the others, although they ALL were so very friendly! This one stood up and let me hold her hand while she nibbled on my fingers! It was WONDERFUL!!!


052516_Moms Snowball Bushes

“Mom’s Snowball Bushes”

Mom started this one at the corner of the house and the one in the back to the left in this photo both from twigs cut off of bushes my Grandfather started from twigs…..and life goes one!!! The front one was planted just after we first moved out to this house when I was in the 5th grade…..the other one got started a few years later, but is still ancient! So beautiful — will be even prettier when the blossoms finish coming out and are huge bright white balls!


052616_Happy Red Nose Day

“Happy Red Nose Day”

Just being silly for Red Nose Day!!!

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