Farewell, Pretty Lady!

One week ago, yesterday – April 10th – the world lost a wonderful lady…..and I lost my mother. She was a strong woman – full of life and love – who we will all miss dearly. She was not only my mother, she was my best friend…..I am not sure how to define my life without her in it. I feel lost and incomplete – a piece of my joy died with her and I am struggling to figure out how to fill the hole it left in my heart. I know life goes on and I need to come to grips with that, but it is going to take time…..lots of time!



She had been struggling with a variety of serious health related issues for several years. But, in the end, it was complications from pneumonia that caused her to take her last breath. She would have been 80 in July.

She lived a full life and we shared many, many memories and wonderful adventures together. Click here and here for Mother’s Day tribute posts I wrote some years ago to read about some of my favorite memories and things she taught me that molded me into the woman I am, today! She was quite a woman…..a real character, for sure!

I take comfort in knowing I have no regrets – she knew exactly what she meant to me and I know she is still with me and always will be. I also take comfort in knowing she is reunited with the love of her life – her husband and the only real Dad I’ve ever known. The day after her passing, I opened my patio door to let my dog outside first thing in the morning. In the spring and after any hard rain, water collects in a low spot just beyond my back yard to create a little pond. On this particular morning, I spotted something that I’ve never seen before – Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck were enjoying the cool water in our neighborhood pond. I’ve never seen any kind of bird or wildlife in that water….and they haven’t been back, since!!! I ran to get my camera and went out to the corner of my fence to try to get a photo – I didn’t spook them – they just sat there! My dog bounced around the fence line checking them out and let out one big bark – that didn’t spook them, either, and Megan calmed right down after her initial excitement. I took that as a sign – Mom and Charlie stopped in to let me know they are together and OK. They didn’t get spooked because they were there to see me and Megan didn’t continue to bark and react to them because she knew it, too! I love this thought and this photo!

041116_Mr and Mrs Mallard Duck_Elmwood Lake

For the funeral home, I put together two poster boards with photos of her life in a nutshell…….they tell her story beautifully!



She loved music – especially country music and The Beatles, so I’ll close with these two videos in her honor:

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