2016 Daily Photo – April 3-5

Unfortunately, this may be my last Daily Photo post for a while…..hopefully, I’m wrong and back at it sooner than I think, but for now, it is going on hiatus. My Mom has been quite seriously ill and my heart just isn’t in it right now! I tried to keep up with some “easy pickin’s” shots on days that I was able, but it just isn’t working for me. Rest assured, I am not abandoning the challenge or the “Architecture and/or History” theme…..it is just going to have to wait until things settle down…..whenever that may be!

So……here is what I did take, so far.


No Photo


040316_Orleans County Courthouse

“Orleans County Courthouse”

I had intended to take a more creative/artsy photo of the courthouse, but copped out for the easy shot I could take from the car window really quick.

The Greek Revival style structure was completed in 1858 and was designed by architect, William V. N. Barlow.


040416_Stately Medina Home

“Stately Medina Home”

Medina, NY has many huge, beautiful homes, of which I think this is one of the most impressive! I knew nothing about this house, other than it has caught my eye on many visits to Medina over the years – it is STUNNING! I have since learned from a couple different comments from friends on Facebook that it was built around 1860 by Augustus Ives and it was a private residence for many years, but has been empty for a long time, now….how sad is that!!!???


040516_Albion First Presbyterian Spire

“Albion First Presbyterian Spire”

This 175 foot tall spire that tops the Albion First Presbyterian Church is the tallest structure in Orleans County.

The church was built in 1874 and is constructed of Medina Sandstone.

Bonus Shot for April 5:

040516_Morning Visitor

“Morning Visitor”

With all that is going on with Mom, I find it quite comforting to see the cardinals at my feeders to remind me that they represent a visit from loved ones.


No Photos

Hope you enjoyed these and I hope to be back, soon…..when I can focus on the project and do the photos justice! 🙂

5 Comments on “2016 Daily Photo – April 3-5

  1. I am sorry for the state of your mom’s health. It is sure to lie heavy on your heart. Family is so important as they are our world. I have been enjoying your posts and have always looked forward to seeing them pop up in my e-mail. Having lived in Rochester these last 30 years, I am a native of Albion. I have a lot of family history there. Be well, stay strong for mom and don’t hesitate to reach out to others when you need support.

  2. Hi Kim, I hope it brings you some comfort to know that friends are thinking of you and your Mom.

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