2016 Daily Photos – Celebrating “U”

OK, so…..unless this is the first time you’ve ever visited my blog and this is the only post you’ve gotten to, so far, you know that I’ve challenged myself to do a photo a day throughout 2016 and that for March, I have chosen the Alphabet as my inspiration. When I started, I thought there may be some letters that I may just have to skip because I wasn’t sure how in the world I would find something local to photograph to represent them….but, I was determined to not let that happen. Early on, I had ideas for X, Y, and Z – the ones I assumed would be the toughest. Q came to me fairly early on, as well. So, I have had those ideas ready for when those days came and I could get out and capture the photos I had in mind…..unless a better idea came along in the mean time. But, I have to say that U has turned out to be the most difficult one right up until the bitter end! Three days ago, it hit me that Umbrella would be PERFECT…..but, not until AFTER I used a photo of an umbrella for R (Red Rain Repellent)…..DANG!!!

Then…..last night and this morning, a flood of ideas poured into my brain! Why didn’t I think of any of these sooner and save myself from Unnecessary stress? So – since U looked like it was going to be the most challenging and ended up being a really fun one to do, I decided to devote a whole blog post to showcase the letter U! And, now, without further ado, here is my CELEBRATION OF THE LETTER “U”:

Yes, it looked like U was going to be the Underdog – a Unique letter creating mostly Under Utilized words that, for the most part, are typically adjectives I could Use to describe something, but not many that I would likely find locally and easily to Utilize for the subject of a photo! I don’t think I know anyone named Ursula, so that idea was out…..I already Used an Umbrella and my main rule was to ensure each photo was Unusual – not the typical subject you’d think of for each letter or any repeats, so that was no longer an option…..I thought of finding a Utility worker in a bucket high on a Utility pole, but I knew I couldn’t count on finding one (and, as it turns out, I didn’t see a single one anywhere, today — must be a Utility worker holiday or something). So, Under the circumstances, as the day came closer and closer and the Utmost Urgency to find a U photo closed in, I wondered if U would Unfortunately end up getting swept Under the carpet and skipped over!!!??? Um….NO! I found this option to be Utterly Unacceptable…..I am Unstoppable…..I knew I would Ultimately prevail…..and, I did! I went around town, today, having Unbelievable fun going through my list of ideas and giving my Undivided attention to the Letter U!

First Up – the photo that Ultimately became the official March 21st photo to represent the Letter U that was posted to Instagram and Facebook:


032116_U is for Upstairs at the Hoag Library

“U is for Upstairs at the Hoag Library”

And, now for all the Uniquely wonderful alternates:


“U is for Unfinished Puzzle”


“U is for Uno”


“U is for Utensils”

032116_U is for Umbrellas

“U is for Umbrellas”

Yeah, I know – this is a duplicate I said I wouldn’t use…..so sue me!!!

032116_U is for UnCola

“U is for UnCola”

032116_U is for Underpass

“U is for Underpass”

032116_U is for Universalist Church_1

“U is for Universalist Church”

Now a museum and part of the Cobblestone Society that is primarily used for tours and special occasion services. I was married in this church on June 21, 1985.

 Built in Childs, NY (then called Fairhaven, NY) in the early 1800s, it is the oldest cobblestone church in the country.

032116_U is for Universalist Church_2

“U is for Universalist Church….again”

Built in the early 1890s, the Pullman Universalist Church was built in Albion and the congregation moved from the cobblestone church in Childs to this new building.

And, now…..drum roll…..for the fun photo of the day……all you dirty minds out there, hold the giggles in – its not like you can’t see these in any Walmart in the country…..hehehe!!!

032116_U is for Unmentionables

“U is for Unmentionables” 

I hope you enjoyed this celebration of the letter U and I hope it helped show that nothing is impossible if you put a little (or a lot) of thought into it!!!

Oh, boy – just looked ahead and tomorrow will be the letter V……gotta get that thinking cap on, again! 🙂

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