2016 Daily Photos – March 14-16

Next up on the 2016 Daily Photos is March 14-16, representing the letters N, O, P!


031416_N is for Ninety Eight North

“N is for Nighty Eight North”

a.k.a. Main Street, Albion, NY


031516_O is for Otter Creek

“O is for Otter Creek”

This section of Otter Creek flows by Otter Creek Cemetery. I walked to the west edge of the cemetery to get this photo. When I was much younger, my brother and I used to walk from behind our house through the corn field and down a steep bank to get to “the crick”. I would also go sit on the bank and listen to the water flowing when I wanted to think and relax! Later, I’d often use it as the place I went to in my mind when I needed to clear my head or find calming thoughts……I still find it calming to think about and it is part of many wonderful memories!


031616_P is for Puzzle Pieces

“P is for Puzzle Pieces”

I love puzzles!!! Don’t do them very often, anymore, but I do enjoy it when I do!

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